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Dr. Doctor

An update at long last! My apologies for my long hiatus…it has been an intense final year of my doctoral degree, which I began at the beginning of the pandemic. I am proud to announce that I have received my doctorate and am officially Dr. Cho, having completed my thesis "Developing Cello Études - A Paradigmatic Comparison of Cello and Piano Pedagogies.” This was a comprehensive study on an intersection between cello and piano pedagogies which concluded with a set of cello etudes that I composed (video coming soon!), and I think it was a fitting ending to my graduate studies, since I was able to share my love for the piano, cello and composition simultaneously.

My final days in Winchester, VA ended with a fantastic Cho-Handelsman Duo concert at the Bistro Series in Westminster-Canterbury (pictured above), where we performed a program titled “Bach to Rach.”

After much packing and unpacking, I am now based in Dover, NH area, about one hour from Boston. Many new exciting projects and adventures are on the horizon, so stay tuned!


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