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Watch My Video for a Canadian Composition Competition

Created by the Jeunesse Musicale Fondation specially for the pandemic situation, this competition asked Canadian musicians under 30 to compose and record a video based on the theme do-mi-si-la-do-re – a punny take on "domicile adoré" ("home sweet home"). Although I am not comfortable with the donation/popularity concept behind this event, I was quite content with the turnout of my composition, which is attached below.

I have always been fascinated by the concept of home, a place of belonging. Perhaps it is due to my background as a first-generation Canadian immigrant, but it is something I constantly redefine and hone…and long for.

This piece for cello quartet reflects my journey, my search, for a home. It starts out with a very mutated version of the “domicile adoré” theme which slowly changes throughout. In the very last six notes of the melody we finally arrive to hear the regular “do-mi-si-la-do-re.”

As a New Brunswicker, I adore the wilderness of Canada. The lush and sometimes terrifying sonorities between the four cellos portray the power of nature. The middle dance section was based on a theme composed by a random number generator, depicting the dichotomy of modern society and the natural world.

I enjoyed the process of recording at home so hopefully I will have more composition videos to share in the near future. Thank you for listening!


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